Thursday, November 29, 2007

about lavender trifles

At the Sheep and Wool Festival in Rhinebeck in October I sold out of white sheep sachets---recycled wool moth-chaser sachets filled with dried lavender, a moth deterrent. Perfect for wool lovers!

One summer night when I was walking my dachshund, Archie, he began chasing...moths. The moth-chaser sachet idea was born that night! So a simple black felt rectangle folded in half, stitched on the sides, then stitched across the two matched seams--became the Archie head. Felt ears, two brown vintage buttons for eyes, a pink felt tongue and a ribbon leash made it into the Archie Moth-chaser!

It's a short leap from dachshund head to sheep's head. A little ear tweaking and a silk yarn top knot! The sheep sachets are made from recycled wool sweaters, which should make sheep happy, vintage buttons, recycled silk yarn, ribbon or silk spaghetti and dried lavender. Here's a new flock of white sheep about to be stitched...bound for wool stashes everywhere!