Sunday, January 24, 2010

just maybe I watched too many Westerns over the holidays

My husband and I have now settled on one channel for our tv viewing out of the hundreds available on our cable system, Turner Classic Movie channel. We are trying to wean ourselves off cable and our news junkie habit and we've managed to eliminate watching almost everything but TCM. When the tv is on, it's on 68.

Which might explain why I was compelled to sew up a group of chenille items for my next Sewfaux update, inspired it seems by the many Westerns I've watched. When I'm not interested in the movies' story I look at the movies' set, which would have been the case if a Western is on (this excludes Deadwood, not on TCM anyway). After completing some long unfinished pieces they just happen to look like they belong in the bunkhouse.

Cowhide, barrel cactus, bark....Podner! Just have to imagine some cowhands, your dude ranch guys and gals sitting around the campfire with their bedrolls, or hanging out in the bunkhouse doin' a few rope tricks. Roy and Dale's house. Lonesome Dove. Bonanza.

I've just been totally immersed in sewing for the last few weeks after I tried to find something in the closet where all things chenille go. Layers and piles of unexplained chenille. Someone had to do something about it!

Don't worry I haven't gone totally Western, though it may crop up from time to time. Alongside the dude ranch decor I've also managed to prduce a few items for the following update, in reds and passionate colors expressly for Valentiners. I know you're all relieved.

Shop will be updated by the end of today.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

snow-covered is how I like it

Up and down our street it looked like this at 9am this morning-

Not again, you're saying. I know, I just can't help it (being that I'm the official snow photographer, remember?). I don't know what it is but as soon as snow covers the ground at my house I'm compelled to get out there with the camera.

This morning was no exception. First snow of 2010! Our view across the frozen Peconic River-

Second only to all of Fall, snow-covered is how I like it here. I like the texture it creates on the Black Prince holly, how the forsythia never looked better, how the color peeps out on the chamaecyparis (which I had to look up to spell), how subtle the colors on the Korean Ash look and how it fills the craggy bark on the large pines.

Except for driving it's pretty great stuff. This weekend it's the perfect excuse to cocoon. Some here have settled in with their kindle, others are contemplating knitting up a storm---the other sock, the rest of the vest? There is no end of projects to pick up here...

Happy New Year!