Wednesday, January 7, 2009

6 barks

Day 7 of 2009 and I'm finally posting. Happy New Year!

Here's a tour of our trees this morning in the rain. Korean Ash, Pine, Oak, River Birch, the tree I don't know the name of and a ringer--but it works for me.

I took my camera outside and realized I needed the umbrella. Went back in for the umbrella, went back out, took one picture and realized I needed the tripod. Went back in for the tripod and came back out and started shooting to create the tour of trees in our yard. Documenting the significant trees took long enough to freeze my un-gloved button-punching finger, but I'll live. Hooked the camera up to my laptop and viewed the shots. (To discover again that I really have to work on utilizing the macro lens better which I only recently discovered). Cropping and sizing in Photoshop, assembling them into position and calling upon the professional Photoshopper in the household to finalize the file...all took way more time than it would have if I could think of something to write.

But now I have new bark reference for future log creations.

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