Wednesday, February 4, 2009

in the works

This is the pile of flannel on my table---inspiration to get started on a new group of sewfaux items! I use print backgrounds for the base layers that are invisible from across the room. It's that secret layer that you become aware of upon closer investigation, like when you hug a log pillow! You'll see how much better it is with the print background when you get a chance to hug one.

The two new log pillows I listed at sewfaux use the dark brick red print and the top olive green print (you can catch a glimpse of it in the zipper detail) in that neatly stacked for photography pile .

In the non-log news, there is a new ladybug stool in the works---a collaboration with my friend Deborah, a talented artist, quilt designer and stitcher. She just launched her first etsy store last month, Debadoo! She uses bits of fabrics from the quilts she designs for Bright Hopes , a non-profit quilt group. Their quilts are donated to victims of domestic violence, children in foster care and others. The wall next to Deborah's sewing machine is pinned with the ongoing group of dolls, animals, and pillows that she's constantly assembling with cheery and boisterous prints, ricrac and ribbons. She works with her daughter's drawings to stitch their faces---they're charming, fresh, little labor intensive creations and you need visit Debadoo right away!

The lady bug stool in the works will be fabulous! I promise!


greg said...

Hope this 'comment" finds you both well...
Christine, an old friend was visiting and asked about you we decided to search you out and found this!
We love the logs, being from Baton Rouge and all!!!
OH, and the blog too...
How are the two of you?


greg said...

oops, sorry!

Greg Vernice that is!

susanB said...

Greg! Where are you? I can't believe you found my blog---I can't reply to your link...go to my etsy store and contact me there!