Wednesday, March 25, 2009

here, here...

Last Wednesday I intended to snap a picture of my Yarn Harlot desk calender, but I forgot, like I've forgotten to actually blog on too many days too. I uncovered my collection of favorite calender days that are intended to be pinned on my non-existent bulletin board and snapped it finally. I'm catching up with last week, now that tax preparation is over. I'll spare you the 'How creativity is undervalued in almost every aspect of life....' rant that was evoked when I turned to Wed March 18 on the calender.

A good thing that happened last week was the reappearance of my pearl earring! Lost one evening last Fall while I was walking the dog, we were sure it was a goner. Amazingly my husband found it lying there on the driveway having survived leaf raking, snow-shoveling and tire tracks all winter. Yey! Dennis!

I have been really productive since the last time I posted here. I just can't reveal some of the to be. I have a big pile of knitted things that need to be blocked when it gets warmer and things will dry faster. Some things are just not destined to be finished and I don't want it posted here where I'll be reminded that I didn't finish it. A few things are not identifiable yet...who knows what they'll be. Like this little marigold wanna be thingie.

or this ladybug stool cover...that is a joint project. I'm just not sure I like my part of the project and it remains on the hanger in an undetermined state.

I'm just glad it's Spring...which means the winter weather has to be on it's way out. Yes!

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